With HBL being implemented now, we wish to extend our service to help these parents print & laminate worksheets/printables for the kids at a very affordable price. 

Here's how it work:

1. Email/whatsapp us the files that you need to print/laminate.
2. If you don't have any, PM us. We might be able to help you. 
3. We will then print, laminate and pack it nicely for you. 

Lead time: depends on the queue. Generally should be 3-5 working days. 

Pricing as below: 

Black & White Single Side $0.15
Black & White Double Side $0.10
Colored Single Side $0.20
Colored Double Side $0.15
Laminate $0.50 each

Payment mode: 

PayLah, Paynow or Bank Transfer. 
Screenshot transaction and email/whatsapp us afterwards. 

Ready to get your worksheets/printables printed? 

• Email us: ambabysg@gmail.com
• Whatsapp us: +6581637523

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